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Oro Al-Andalus Oil


A miracle of nature located in Ronda

In the vicinity of the much-loved Arunda, a Roman city of Phoenician origin, where more than two millenniums ago its precious wines were tasted, as can be seen in the valued coins minted in Ronda. So, the delicacy of our EVOO can’t be missing, as it was already being exported and distributed throughout the Empire and transported in clay vessels, which today are considered art. Nowadays, the oil goes from press and manufacturing process to our tables to taste from one day to the next.

“El Chantre” is enclosed in the south of Ronda, between two plateaus of powerful natural rock. In the shadows of a concave of silent courtyards full of jasmine, the gold of oil and with a faint sound of water.

There is nothing more unexpected in this wild and mountainous city, than the discovery of clean aromas of fresh grass, tomatoes and green olives, clean aroma, our ORO AL-ANDALUS and, as it couldn’t be otherwise, everything starts on our beloved country house, EL CHANTRE, which continues delighting us in its fourth generation.

Location: Farm el Chantre, in the mountainous range of Ronda.
Harvest: begining of October.
Manager: M. Luz Becerra Aguilar.
Production and packaging: the olives are transported to Molino Don Felix, where they are grinded and bottled.

"El Chantre"

The farm “El Chantre”, was acquired, by Cristóbal Becerra in the nineteenth century, passing from generation to generation. At present, it is his great-granddaughter María Luz Becerra, whom is devoted exclusively with great passion and care to the management of this large farm, of 132 acres, in which in addition to the cultivation of cereal, it is also composed of about 10,000 olive trees, of the Picual Marteño variety.
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Olive trees
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These olive trees are planted in the mountainous enclave of Ronda, making them different from other olive plantations. Historically, the family has made its own EVOO, with a small part of the harvest for its closest circle of family and friends and which is highly valued in private tastings.

The current owner, in her desire to continue maintaining and improving the family legacy, which her great-grandfather began, has undertaken a new business route of the farm. Focussing on the production of the EVOO of early harvest, with the name of ORO AL-ANDALUS. With which she wants to make it known internationally, which due to its location in the natural enclave of the mountainous range of Ronda is so unique, full of different shades of colour and flavour.

This EVOO has a spectacular fruitiness on the nose, you can value the clean aromas of fresh grass, tomato and green olives. Whereas, on the palate, its taste is very pleasant and subsequently with an exquisitely balanced bitterness and spiciness aftertaste..

Another thing that differentiates our EVOO to any other is that beacause its early collection of olives and production, it has a strikingly green colour, this is due to its natural content of chlorophyll. This in return causes a harmonious sensation as a whole, which makes our EVOO spectacular.

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