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Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of Ronda


Today we are going to talk about the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of Ronda, where a great variety of agricultural activities are developed, thus generating different job positions in this sector.

Ronda, located in the province of Malaga, has a Mediterranean climate. This encourages the development of different crops, agriculture, and irrigation.

What does PDO mean?

The acronym PDO refers to “Protected Designation of Origin”. This system supports the quality and authenticity of agricultural and/or food products within the European Union.

This certification is a process that is carefully studied step by step, from the extraction of a product to its sale. In this way, it verifies that it meets the conditions and regulations of production since all steps must be carried out within the same geographical area.

What products can have Protected Designation of Origin?

As mentioned earlier, each PDO has its own regulations and standards. These include factors such as geography, product variety, production, processing, etc.

Among these products, the most common ones are:

  • Cheeses: Italian cheeses stand out, most commonly Parmigiano-Reggiano, and in Spain, Manchego cheese. These certifications ensure that the cheese has been produced following traditional methods in specific regions.
  • Wines: Wines can also have PDO, such as the famous Chianti wine in Italy. PDOs in the wine sector guarantee the authenticity and quality of the wine based on the production region and the grape varieties used.
  • Iberian Ham: In Spain, Iberian ham can have different levels of certification, with the highest being “100% Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham” with PDO, guaranteeing its quality and origin.
  • Oil: In the olive oil sector, we can highlight the famous Extra Virgin Olive Oil cultivated in southern Spain. As mentioned earlier, this product can obtain a PDO label as long as it meets the established characteristics.
  • Olives: Each region or country where this certification is obtained has a different operation. This is due to different cultivation practices, types of olives, or processing.


Among the featured products that are usually offered a Designation of Origin, we can see that all of them are typical of Spain, and within the country, we have these high-quality foods. This drives us to be one of the best culinary traditions globally.

PDO Olive Oil in Andalusia

Both oil and olives are extracted from the same place, but this does not mean that their regulations are the same. Each of these designations establishes specific standards as they are different products.

Both products must undergo a control to certify their high quality and geographical origin.

Oil is commonly extracted from the Mediterranean, more specifically from southern Spain, which generates millions of liters annually. This has caused Andalusia to become the world’s largest powerhouse in the export of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) in Ronda

Ronda has various cooperatives and mills that supply the population with its liquid gold.


In the case of our Aceite Oro Al-Andalus, we have the Protected Designation of Origin of Ronda. This exquisite and aromatic EVOO undergoes all health controls. When extracted and produced in the Sierra de Ronda, it fully complies with the PDO regulations that will guarantee you a unique experience due to its combination of fruity and bitter notes.

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