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Why is extra virgin olive oil called liquid gold?


Before reaching the present day, extra virgin olive oil has experienced one of the most ancient and interesting stories in the entire Mediterranean. Throughout its existence, it has been attributed with beneficial and healing properties and associated with the gods. But why is it called “liquid gold”?

Historical and religious value

Since ancient times, oil has been known for its countless qualities and beneficial properties. It was so highly regarded that it was associated with many divine concepts.

Its production began thousands of years ago and spread from Mesopotamia throughout the Mediterranean and later to the rest of the world, thanks to the Egyptians, Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, and many others.


Beneficial value

Among the qualities now proven by science, we can mention the presence of antioxidant phenolic compounds and monounsaturated fatty acids. These make it rich in numerous beneficial properties.

This makes extra virgin olive oil a formidable ally for our body, our skin, and even our hair. Thanks to the consumption of this liquid gold, it is possible to prevent health problems related to degenerative diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Additionally, it can help with weight control, increase good cholesterol in the blood, and decrease the bad cholesterol, among other things.

Gastronomic and social value

The flavor of extra virgin olive oil allows it to be used in all culinary areas. Thanks to this incredible product, it is possible to enjoy a wide range of dishes from diverse cuisines around the world. From Mediterranean to Asian cuisine, passing through South American dishes, spanning many countries and different cultures.

Thanks to this incredible product, chefs have been able to create the best dishes in the world. Our mothers have been able to introduce us to delicious family recipes, and friends have been able to invite us for dinner.

Economic value

The production and exportation of olive oil are constantly expanding worldwide. Spain occupies the first place in terms of production, followed by Italy and Greece.

With its 5 million hectares of olive groves, Spain produces around 45% of the olive oil consumed in the world. Of the total, 20% is extra virgin.

Although these figures only give a glimpse of the economic importance of olive oil, it is enough to consider that in 2020/2021, more than 3 million tons of olive oil were produced.


In summary, thanks to its significant historical and religious value, miraculous properties, global culinary and economic impact, golden color, and aroma, extra virgin olive oil has rightfully earned the nickname “liquid gold”.

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